Dr. Edward L. Varnado, Pastor


First Lady Evelyn D. Varnado


   Dr. E. L. Varnado was born January 31, 1941, the first of 3 children of Rev. and Mrs. James Edward Varnado. He was raised in the country as most people can tell by talking to him. At the age of fourteen, when his Grandmother passed this life, he moved to town with his mother and father. From a little boy he knew that he would someday be a preacher, but after his grandmother passed, a pattern really began to form. He became the leader in just about everything he got involved with. People trusted him without knowing him and he hated all of it.


   At the age of 18, he moved to Oroville, California and united with Orovista Baptist Church, got a job and enrolled at Yuba College. He married Evelyn Jones.  In 1962 they moved to Sacramento, California. This is where his spiritual life really began to mature. He ran from Church to Church trying to get away from that burning drive he had down inside. Finally, one night he could no longer think until and said, “Yes, Lord, to what YOU will have me do, Yes.”

His first Sermon was preached on the second Sunday in May, 1968 at Mt. Calvary Baptist Church where Rev. S.M. Walton was the pastor. He was ordained to the work of the Gospel Ministry, June 28, 1970 at the first Baptist Tabernacle Church, where Rev. Tilman Wade was the pastor.


   He enrolled in school at the Missionary Baptist College, where he finished four years of study in three years. Soon after, he was called to be pastor of the Truevine Missionary Baptist Church. One year later, Truevine and Macedonia Baptist Church became one Church with Edward L. Varnado as Pastor.


   In 1979 he received his Doctor of Divinity Degree from Conroe College at Dallas Texas, extended to Sacramento, California, Ten years later he received another Doctor*s Degree from Harper Baptist Seminary Magnolia MS and  September 2006 he received another Doctor*s Degree from City Seminary of Sacramento, California.  He served as president of the Congress of Christian Education for First Northern District Association a number of years.


   He has served as the President of the Del Paso Elementary School District and is one the first to graduate as a Chaplain for Sacramento Police Department.


   Evelyn Varnado, pastor’s wife and our first lady, was born in Mississippi, the 4th of 12 children, to the parents of Henry and Mable Jones. She was a nurse at Kaiser Permanente Hospital for 30 year, while holding various positions at the church, such as Mission President, member of the Choir, Sunday School Teacher, etc., while raising 4 boys, they too have the mark of leadership.  They also have 23 grand children and 9 great grand.   At present she is an active member of Ministers Wives and Widows Council of Sacramento, California, and a graduate of the Richmond Union School of Theology in Richmond Virginia. They have stand together for over 54 years.

In 2019, Dr. Edward L. Varnado retired as Pastor of Macedonia.